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Added: Aug 7, 2019  

Ellicott, Chautauqua County, New York. For a village woman seeking attention, using her own child to create an attempted kidnap scare in a park was not off-limits. Welcome to Tracey Dalton's world, one of the few hoaxes we've seen without "Walmart", "Parking-lot" and/or "Skimask", unlike her contenders here on the list.

July 24, 2019. Falconer. Tracey Elizabeth Dalton contacted law-enforcement and claimed that a woman attempted to walk away with her child from the park. She described the woman as having dark hair who left in a black car with Arizona plates. While police were looking into the matter, Tracey took to social media warning other parents about the park.

It didn't take long for the warning to go viral with about 258 comments and over 2,600 shares, a number which is about the same as the entire population of Falconer. In the comments, Tracey Dalton claims she screamed at the woman who tried to take her child and alerted the whole park prompting people to stare. But even with so many commenters being regular visitors to the park, no one else could corroborate her story. [see screenshot after the story]

However, police reviewed two security cameras within the park. Footage reportedly showed Tracey Dalton but no one appears to have approached her nor her children until she left the park. According to the Ellicott Police Chief: “We looked at security cameras in the park, and that pretty much revealed what happened,” or what DID NOT happen... “She was in the park, but there was zero evidence” of the attempted crime. In other words, no dark-haired woman approached Tracey's child nor herself.

August 07, 2019. 21-year-old Tracey Elizabeth Dalton was charged with third-degree falsely reporting an incident and making a punishable false written statement. She is expected to be arraigned in Ellicott Town Court before the end of August, to answer the charges.

A Community Divided Over a Hoax

After being charged, Tracey E. Dalton took to the comments on her initial social media post and blamed the police for not having done enough. Perhaps officers should have interviewed the trees in the park for what surveillance cameras and other humans did not see. What's even more disturbing than the viral hoax is the response from "humans" living among us in society. Yes, the idiots who believe anything/everything negative without question. The same ones who attack any expression of skepticism towards liars. Even after police had charged Tracey Dalton based on evidence that she lied, people still came to the post to listen to her feeling-based excuses and even attacked the sensible ones who so much as questioned let alone rebuke her motive for putting the whole community on the edge at the expense of our sanity and taxes. Some commenter even said that because she knows Tracey personally, that means the subject is not capable of telling a lie. These are the type of irrational people we have to deal with in society, eroding our hope of restoring commonsense. If only you have nothing better to do today, behold the comments loading below

Notice how few people like Jaime Lyn are attacked on the comment section for daring to have an opinion that the hoaxer Tracey Dalton may have done this to scare other parents away from the park so she can have it all to herself. That's a logical opinion, but the holder of that opinion was personally attacked by several other commenters. A B***h named Kevanna Babyak even posted Jamie's photo in a comment and insinuated that because she does not look like Tracey, she has no right to have an opinion.

You may also be asking yourself why Tracey Dalton still did not delete the post even with the heated exchange of insults? here is a take on it: she enjoys the attention she's getting from this, that's the general idea of the hoax. There's not much else going on in a small village like Falconer so any drama to fetch her a few more social media followers, likes and friends counts. For whatever it's worth. Watch this space

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