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Jonesboro, Craighead County, Arkansas. For getting mo more hugs, kisses, and sex from an ex, a woman takes her fantasies to police in a familiar package called "rape". Of course, the so longed-for ex-bf would pay dearly for a vindictive woman's word, as usual.

March 27, 2019. An empowered liar named Distiny Marie Morales (AKA Destiny Morales) took to Jonesboro Police and claimed to have been raped by a named ex-boyfriend, spare the graphic details of her fantasy.

Following the report, as usual, Distiny Morales obtained a great deal of "victim support" funded by your taxes. On the other hand, a young man was arrested and treated like a monster, also funded by your tax money. For the great crime of being accused by a woman, or in legal terms "probable cause", a feminist judge set his bond at a whopping $100,000. Not 10K but 100 freaking K.

Everything seemed to be going well for the false accuser who nicknames herself "wreckless babe" on social media, until...

May 07, 2019. fictim (false victim) Distiny/Destiny Morales was arrested along with another person, on unrelated warrants. While in custody, Distiny Morales confessed in an interview with officers that her earlier reported rape story was fabricated, adding that it never happened.

May 08, 2019. During her arraignment, 18-year-old Distiny Marie Morales of Newport, was charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to appear, and filing a false report. Her total bond was set at $100,000 which is the same amount her falsely accused ex was held on.

Some may think "that's fair", "that's equality"... But realize she was arrested for other crimes, not for having falsely accused a man. The punishment she eventually receives by law will not be due to her lies against a man, but mainly due to her other crimes. On the other hand, the man she accused was arrested and had his bond set at 100K only for the unforgivable heterosexual crime of having an ex-girlfriend who can lie.

Remember we had a similar case here not too long ago. She ruined an ex-boyfriend's life. His bond was set at 150k for being falsely accused, while hers was set at 2K for being the false accuser. This unfairness applies to every state in this country. So the question is HOW/WHEN will this gross injustice be fixed. And the answer is NEVER. As long as people continue to pay taxes and hold gynocentric views, this will remain our reality until our civilization crumbles. Hold that thought

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