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Alexis Charnae Olds

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Added: Aug 12, 2019  

Suffolk, Virginia. A woman hoping to evade responsibility for crashing a car rather plays the victim of carjacking with a false police report. This happens regularly

August 10, 2019. Early morning hours. After an accident involving only her vehicle, Alexis Charnae Olds told police an interesting story: that she got out of her car to retrieve an item from the trunk when a group of African American males approached, assaulted and sped off with her car. She alleged she saw the vehicle crash at an intersection of North 5th Street and Mount Horeb Street while the suspects where in flee mode. Yeah right!

During the crash site investigation, Alexis Olds was interviewed again and once again she lied about the carjacking. However, upon further investigation, officers discovered evidence that Alexis concocted the whole assault and carjacking. She had actually crashed the car herself.

August 12, 2019. 21-year-old Alexis Charnae Olds, of Norfolk, was arrested on charges including false statements during an investigation, and making a false police report.

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