Jacinta O’Connor

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Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. Social butterfly and serial lying wreck Jacinta O’Connor falsely alleged she was sexually attacked by foreign national in green hoodie. She gets a suspended sentence for destroying a man's life.

September 21, 2014. Lying fictim and intoxicated wreck Jacinta O'Connor claimed she had been attacked by a “Pakistani-looking” man in a hoodie at a parking lot after the 2014 All-Ireland football final. An investigation was launched, CCTV reviewed. Jacinta was taken back to the alleged crime scene and she described in detail how

Jacinta O’Connor’s bogus statement saw the home of an entirely unconnected Czech national searched and his clothes confiscated since he was the only one in green hoodie noticed in the CCTV footage identified walking behind her on the street that evening. His clothing were taken away, he was subjected to intimate DNA test and was almost arrested.

However evidence emerged that showed Jacinta O’Connor leaving the nightclub with an Irish man. She engaged in consensual sex with the caucasian Kerryman in the car park the same night. When she was confronted with the new facts, she admitted she was too intoxicated to remember what exactly happened, however she thinks a man in hoodie had grabbed her.

November 2016. Jacinta O’Connor, of Steelroe, Killorglin, Kerry, was convicted of making a false report of a rape and wasting Garda time.

March 12, 2018. Jacinta O’Connor was given a 2½ year suspended sentence for falsely making an allegation of rape after a night out in almost four years ago.
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