Donna Rivers

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Adams, Jefferson County, New York. Angry woman takes to law enforcement using them as pawns against her hated target(s), but her lies in the false vindictive report come back to haunt her as misdemeanor charges.

June 15, 2019. Towards Evening. Donna M. Rivers called 911 and reported a concocted incident involving others. Police arrived and she re-iterated the fabrication, hoping to get others in trouble. A police investigation, however, revealed that the reported incident did not occur.

August 06, 2019. 60-year-old Donna M. Rivers was charged with giving a false a false written statement and making a false police report of an offense that did not happen. She will be arraigned in court at a later date.

Police declined to mention who Donna Rivers made the false report against or specific details of the false report. But you can see for yourself what kind false reports other hags here were busted for. Watch this space
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