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Tanyell Burnett

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Added: Jul 25, 2019  

Rome, Oneida County, New York. One more empowered liar makes a false report to drain up our tax funds. Police charge her but somehow quickly restore her pussypass.

June 28, 2019. Vindictive Tanyell M. Burnett took to police and reported a crime against herself by others in a detailed ordeal filed in a complaint.

An investigation, however, led to the conclusion that the reported incident did not occur. When Tanyell Burnett was interviewed again, she confessed that she made up the incident in the complaint, that it did not really happen, according to the Oneida County Sheriff's Office. Although facts are yet unavailable, the motive was most likely to get someone else in trouble. Police withholding details about this liar is seen by us as a restoration of her pussypass, which in actual sense should be "sexist".

July 25, 2019. 18-year-old Tanyell M. Burnett, of Rome, was charged with falsely reporting an incident and making false written statements. She was soon released and hopefully will be arraigned in Rome City Court at a later date. Watch this space

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