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Freya Heath

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Updated: Oct 17, 2019  

Ayia Napa, Famagusta District, Cyprus. Truth about the British Tourist gang-rape story. She focked younger Israeli male teens, then played the victim in a false police report against the boys for kicking her out of the room. After manipulating Cypriot law-enforcement and other men against innocent boys, the false rape accuser herself is almost off the hook like nothing happened. See updates down the page.

What's the worth of a damsel empowered to travel around sleeping with younger teens? and worse, not even shut-up about it? Hold that thought!

July 18, 2019. Early Morning Hours. British "Tourist" named Freya Heath called the cops and reported that she had been gang-raped by Israeli tourists in a hotel room. Her complaint detailed that she knew one of the boys and went back to his hotel room while another boy was there as an interpreter, then suddenly more barged in, two held her down, others allegedly took turns raping her while ignoring her cries to be released. She also claimed that some of the boys had beaten her.

Soon after the complaint, as many as twelve Israeli teens aged between 15 and 18 were apprehended and detained in separate facilities while their phones were confiscated by Cypriot Police. Their DNA samples were forcefully taken while they were severely interrogated by tactic seeming like an attempt to get them to implicate one another. Before anything could be verified, their names were published all over mainstream media as some kind of gang-rape squad. In a hypoagency-induced drama, Freya Heath had also spread the word of the alleged rape frenzy among other British Tourists in the same local hotel causing a stand-off between British (#BelieveTheWhore) Whiteknights and Israeli target guests which escalated to the brink of bloodshed.

Fortunately, one of the accused teens was able to present police with a selfie alibi that he was in a different hotel room with his girlfriend while the alleged crime was allegedly being committed. A few other teens were able to prove via recorded video that the sex with Freya Heath was consensual. As a policy, we will not publish the sex video, but we can tell you if you watched it without having known about this case, you would have thought you watched an experienced prostitute in a porn movie. It shows Freya Heath ontop one of the boys, using him as a hip tramp to bounce away, leaving him no chance of escape from her glutton for sex. The other boy gets in selfie mode to film discreetly. The video also suggests there were no more than 3 people in the room, even though Freya claimed that she saw as many as twelve faces during her alleged unwanted sex.

July 20, 2019. Following a police summons to at least 30 people (including hotel staff and guests) for witness statements, a friend of Freya Heath came forward to reveal that the complainant was more a stripper than a tourist in Cyprus. In fact, Freya had previously made a false report of a gang-rape for financial rewards, according to that witness. Additionally, DNA test results soon came in showing that only three of the accused boys could have possibly had any physical contact with Freya Heath.

July 25, 2019. As exculpatory evidence overwhelmingly mounted, five of the arrested suspects were released, remaining seven.

July 27, 2019. Cypriot Investigators confronted Freya Heath with DNA test results along with the sex video showing her consensually having sex with the underage boys. She struggled with her responses to the damning evidence, changed her story several times then eventually broke into a confession: "Everything was consensual", Freya said, according to a report by Ynet. "I went into their room because I meant to have sex with them", Freya Heath added, further explaining that she was vengeful after one of the teens kicked her out of the room following a disagreement. This confession is consistent with the accused teens' account of the incident. Freya Heath went on to reveal that she first reported the fabricated gang-rape to her friends (other tourists also from the UK) who lodged in the same hotel, and those friends took her to a local clinic and then together they called the police from there.

July 28, 2019. The remaining seven accused boys were released from detention and cleared of rape. They almost immediately returned to Israel and were well received by their loved ones among a jubilant crowd of people. The teens reportedly celebrated their return at the arrival airport with champagne and chants in the lines of "the people of Israel live", "the Briton is a harlot,” adding that they did not regret the incident. Meanwhile, based on the evidence and her own confession, 19-year-old Freya Heath was arrested by Cypriot Police on suspicion of causing a public nuisance, public mischief OR disturbing public order.

July 29, 2019. Famagusta District Court, Paralimni. Freya Heath was arraigned to answer for the Public Mischief charge which carries a maximum of one year in prison and/or fines. However, the hearing was postponed for her to have enough time to prepare with an attorney. Any rational person would agree that the charge she faces is far less than the crimes she committed.

Let's put that into context: Freya Heath solicited minors into consuming alcohol AND having sex, that's more than one crime. The process of her having sex with a boy younger than 18 years old is actually her raping that boy. That's another crime. Freya Heath made a life-changing false police report against 12 innocent boys, that's 12 more crimes. Freya Heath via malicious hypoagency also used ignorant men as agents into a mob against Israelis in what had the potential to easily blow-up into a full-fledged conflict between Brits and Israelis in Cyprus. Not to mention the cost of her lies on the tourism industry of a whole country. On this point, the mayor of Ayia Napa made comments to local Channel 13, warning that Cyprus will take action against anyone who helped promote the false rape allegations.

August 04, 2019. With all the crimes she would have been (BUT NOT) charged with, Freya Heath was still ungrateful for the leniency which had so far been shown to her by the Cypriots. In fact, she took her issues further by accusing the Cypriot Authorities of forcing her into recanting her false rape claim, and also forcing her to sign confessions.

Amidst the drama, Freya Heath and her family are reported to be having fall-outs with the local lawyer representing her. Details of the fall-outs are yet unreported but from similar incidents from the past, we can speculate it has something to do the lawyer not willing to apply UK's feminist standards in his Cypriot legal practice AND/OR his unwillingness to stake his reputation on defying commonsense in efforts to defend the fictim. Nonetheless, he wants out. "There is a serious disagreement with the defendant on how to handle the case, so I ask for the court's permission to withdraw," he told the court.

August 07, 2019. Freya Heath's attorney's request to quit was approved. With the involvement of a new legal representation from her home country, Freya Heath the proven liar is standing by her new claims that she recanted her rape allegation under duress. She also claims she did not know what's on the document she signed, and that her human rights were infringed upon. Voila, just what we expected :D but that's not all...

August 08, 2019. Freya Heath's parents who did not seem to succeed in teaching her not to go around focking younger teens, took to GoFu**Me to beg for money to "help teen victim get justice..." say that again? As you can imagine, many brainwashed #BelieveTheWhore well-meaning sheeple jumped on the campaign donating away. Times Of Israel reports here that a Miami-based Israeli man single-handedly donated $9,000 to the campaign on ‘humanitarian’ grounds. That's already half of the campaign goal.

Within a week, hundreds of donations exceeded their initial goal of £15,000 (Approx. $18,500), meaning they can now conveniently get justice and lock Freya Heath up in Cyprus as she deserves, for telling lies to lock innocent people up. Her case was adjourned until August 19th, 2019. Though we already know the outcome - the triumph of pussypass, let's still wait and see. meanwhile, Freya Heath, the liar, remained in special police custody treated like a princess because she has "human rights".

August 19, 2019. Famagusta District Court, Paralimni. The hearing for Freya Heath on one count of public mischief is adjourned until a later date, to give her lawyers time to prepare their case which is not about proving that she was raped, nor that her gang-rape accusation against the 12 Israeli teens was truthful, BUT mainly based on criticizing the Cypriot Authorities for allowing Freya Heath to recant her false rape allegation, and violating her human rights. Of course, with the new British Lawyer and "Justice Abroad" group now involved, the case is headed feminism-wards and they're most likely to get their desired gynocentric outcome.

The presiding female judge accepted that the defense team's requests be forwarded to the Attorney General's office and decided that the court would reconvene on August 27, 2019. If all goes as the defense team plans, Freya Heath will be granted bail before her case is finally completely dismissed, a big blow to justice. Watch this space

August 27, 2019. Famagusta District Court, Paralimni. Freya Heath denied filing false a rape report and pleaded NOT guilty to the charge of causing public mischief. Her new local feminist attorney reiterated that her client was forced to retract the initial rape complaint and therefore she will file a motion requesting that the Attorney General suspends the criminal case against the defendant Freya Heath. The court has adjourned until October 02, 2019, but you already have an idea of what the outcome of this case will be.

PussyPass Granted

Meanwhile, just as we predicted, the defense team's previous request to the Attorney General had been accepted. Freya Heath the false rape accuser has been released on €20,000 (Approx. $22,198.00) bail, meaning she does not have to pay anything if she does not break the bail conditions which are: surrender her passport and present herself to police three times a week. No one reminded her to not make false rape accusations while she's out there again. Brace yourselves, gentlemen, a false rape accuser is on the loose. Watch this space.

October 02, 2019. Famagusta District Court, Paralimni. Text messages exchanged among the falsely accused Israeli teens prior to the falsely alleged gang rape became a target by Freya Heath's defense team. They argued that the messages obtained from a Forensic Report showed that the falsely accused males had planned to have an orgy (not a rape) with her. If you read the earlier part of this story where Freya herself confessed to Cypriot Investigator that she went to the Isreali teens for sex, then you're probably wondering what's wrong with the teens having thought of an orgy with her. Well, that indicates the desperation of the defense team. They cannot make a case that Freya Heath told the truth when she alleged that younger Israeli teens raped her. In fact, the overwhelming evidence points vice-versa. Therefore Freya Heath's legal defense's sole strategy is to attempt to prove that she was threatened by the Cypriot Authorities, in order to get her off the hook. Not a very smart move, according to some legal experts.

That notwithstanding, the court denied the defense team’s request for Freya Heath to return to the UK until the new trial date. However, the judge loosened her bail conditions by allowing her to show up at the Police Station only once a week, instead of three times as initially stated. The trial is set to continue on October 15, 16 and 17, 2019, to allow the defense team enough time to study the Forensic Report. Watch this space.

-- Update --

October 17, 2019. Famagusta District Court, Paralimni. Freya Heath in her never-ending victimhood drama, represented by her UK lawyer, this time claims that she feared for her life when she retracted her lies. She said she thought if she didn't retract her false rape allegation, she would have been "kidnapped and killed..." blah blah. Due to the unavailability of the forensic expert to physically present evidence, the case has once again been adjourned until November 01, 2019.

Meanwhile, the GoFu**Me campaign setup for liar Freya Heath has raised almost £40,000 (Approx. $51,360 USD), one in many testaments to the lucrativeness of the False Victimhood industry. But there are other testaments to how long a society can live a lie before its demise. And it is no mystery that history repeats itself.

The Spoils of Diminished Cuntworth.

What's the worth of an empowered wench traveling around sleeping with younger blokes? and worse, not even shutting-up about it? We saw similar cry-wolf travelers here, here, and a similar incidence by an Irish woman in the same Ayia Napa here. but this one proves more repugnant than amusing. A shameless UK-bred feminoid in a mendacious saga which attempted but failed to defy commonsense at every turn, to see innocent people punished. But it backfired.

Freya Heath herself had been in custody for three weeks before bail and learned quickly that things don't work elsewhere as they do in the UK, where, making a false rape allegation rather gets you compensation money from CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority), and if proven to be false almost always attracts nothing more serious than a parking ticket. She must have been surprised that people out there actually think, and women are accountable for their own words and actions. Of course, PussyPass is sponsored globally by the major western powers. But it's nice to see that just sometimes it does not easily override commonsense and justice.

* Special Thanks to AVFM for the in-depth research they did on this fictim. The breadcrumbs led to more truths. This case is now being worked behind the scenes and there is nothing much to expect on the postponed trial date to: November 1st, 2019. But there will be a ruling in favour of Freya Heath, which will be yet another big blow to justice. watch this space. WW Please click login to remove links

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