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Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia. The Margaret Regret. Indoctrinated to see valor in victimhood, female deputy chooses the Sexual Assault Report path to 'heroinism'. However, it turns out Margaret Brumbelow's mendaciousness was her path to exit Law Enforcement disgracefully, and end up booked in jail.

July 13, 2019. Her third year on the job, Deputy Margaret Mary Brumbelow reported to superiors that while off duty, another deputy tried/attempted to sexually assault her. It is not clear what "attempted" in this case entails but you can imagine by the rules of our New World Order that any man simply admiring a woman in the wrong mood constitutes "creepy", hysteria would kick in, all cannons would be aimed at the male object, then Uncle Sam's men in black would come in to finish the job.

Well, all that wasn't necessary in this case though, because by diligent work involving the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), “The ensuing comprehensive investigation determined that the allegation was false,” according to the sheriff’s office spokesman.

August 12, 2019. 30-year-old Margaret Mary Brumbelow of Lula was fired, arrested, and charged with making false statements. On $5,700, she bonded out the same day.

“Incidents like these are very difficult for law enforcement agencies, but they must be addressed when they occur,” said the Hall County Sheriff... “While I’m thankful no attempted assault occurred, the falsehood could not be overlooked. Our department is full of excellent deputies and professionals. Cases like these are the exception,” he added. Of course

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