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Clacton, Essex, England. Whore already paid for her services conceives a cunning idea to cash-in extra on the sexual assault industry. Though there was no sex on that particular day, she still cried rape against her customer and took two of her pussy-serving thugs to his house for some malicious hypoagency-induced violence. Eventually, she, the catalyst for violence, got sentenced to less prison time than the male thugs who white-knighted for her.

This story is one that men can draw lessons never to take a prostitute to their living home nor let her know where it is, and one more moral lesson after the story.

December 08, 2017. Early Morning Hours. Angela Holland went to meet a former client who had previously paid her for sex on other occasions. But this time, she left his house without sex and supposedly without pay. Unhappy that her visit was not fruitful, she sought out her useful younger male buddies and acted out sexual assault victimhood to them. The brainwashed White Knights persuaded her to seek "justice" and even offered themselves as initiators for jungle justice. And so Angela took them to the innocent man's house with the intent of violent extortion.

Let the bloodshed begin!

While Angela Holland herself waited outside, Steve Wilson and Amadu Gbla armed with an axe and a sledgehammer started by throwing items through the window, then got into the property and repeatedly threatened and beat the shit out of the innocent man while robbing him of several items including cash, his wallet, and electrical equipment.

When they were done, they drove off in the man’s car, taking the stolen items along. In his cuts and bruises, the victim called the police and reported the incident. It did not take long for the trio to be arrested.

February 28, 2018. Chelmsford Crown Court. Following a trial, 34-year-old Amadu Gbla was found guilty of taking a motor vehicle without consent but admitted to the charge of aggravated burglary.

September 12, 2018. Chelmsford Crown Court. Following a trial, 42-year-old Angela Holland and 30-year-old Steve Wilson were also found guilty of aggravated burglary and theft by joint enterprise, by a jury.

October 12, 2018. Chelmsford Crown Court. Both Amadu Glba and Steve Wilson were sentenced to six and a half years in jail while Angela Holland, the genesis of the problem, was sentenced to four years in jail which most probably means she'll be out within two.

For all those men who help women carry-out violence, this may be a lesson: You're not equal in the eyes of the law. Hold that thought

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