Annette Mangan

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Updated: Aug 9, 1997  

Ayia Napa, Famagusta District, Cyprus. Vengeful and Empowered, Irish woman targets her own country's soldiers on foreign soil, causing them to be jailed on her false rape claims. But karma ensured that she herself ended up behind bars.

July 19, 1997. After having slept with a male in an apartment where three Irish soldiers also stayed, Annette Mangan woke up with an impression that her nudity was captured while she laid. Unsatisfied with the outcome of her hysterically sparked argument with the men on the issue, she took to local police and reported having been gang-raped by the three men in that apartment.

Following the complaint, all three Irish soldiers who were in Ayia Napa on holiday from their deployment post in Lebanon were arrested by Cypriot Police on the same day. One was released almost immediately after being detained but the other two were held in a cell, according to a report by Irish Times.

However, during the investigation, Cypriot police found discrepancies in Annette Mangan's allegation that she was raped by the soldiers. On being confronted with the inconsistencies in her claims, she confessed that she fabricated the story because one of the men staying in the apartment photographed her while she slept nude.

Following the confession, the other two soldiers were released after 8 hours of overnight detention. In turn, Annette Mangan herself was arrested and charged with Making a False Complaint.

August 04, 1997. Famagusta District Court. During her hearing, Annette Mangan's lawyer tried to justify her vengeful false reporting by arguing that "she had been raped morally if not bodily". Talk to the hand.

August 08, 1997. 22-year-old Annette Mangan of Tallaght pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four months in Nicosia Central Prison. Although local media suggested she would be out after serving around one-and-a-half months.

"Innocent people were arrested and held in custody, and grievances on their detention are truly justified" ... "the penalty must be a deterrent," said the sentencing judge who also cited that he had recently dealt with a number of cases of female tourists making false rape allegations.

False rape accusation is not a new thing. But the thoughtlessness of an empowered woman who causes the men serving and fighting for her own country to be imprisoned on foreign soil is selfish, to say the least. So Annette Mangan felt she was exploited by photos taken of her own irresponsibly unprotected female CUNTent, so what? her cuntworth becomes more important than 3 countries combined? The Empowerment of the Mendacious in Western Culture has apparently gone too far. Watch this space

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