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Amanda Hayes

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Added: Jul 8, 2016  

Shannon, County Clare, Ireland. Empowered criminal mother of two and rape fantasist exploits a day of joy and celebration to focus attention on herself and her fake victimhood. It took another crime of hers for lenient justice to catch up.

December 26, 2014. Early morning hours in Drumgeely. While normal people were happily celebrating Saint Stephen's Day / Boxing Day, Amanda Hayes thought it's the best time to explore her female privilege. So she called 999 (911) and reported that she was raped.

Gardaí came to her in front of a restaurant where she briefly described the alleged ordeal by a nicknamed man in hoodie. Gardaí took her to the Sexual Assault Unit of a hospital where she detailed the rape fantasy to a medical examiner that her attacker bit her on the neck during the assault while she resisted, screamed and punched him in the face and upper body.

Meanwhile, the nickname Amanda gave was a match for a man who lived just 150 meters away from the restaurant where she was found. And so Gardai contacted the man but he was able to provide an alibi that he never left his home during the time of the alleged attack. Gardai then called up to 30 homes within the vicinity in an effort to identify the perpetrator, in vain.

December 28, 2014. As she was quite intoxicated on the night of the initial rape report, Amanda Hayes had a chance to retract the report but she rather proceeded with soberly making a full complaint of her initial rape allegation, and so the investigation had to continue for another six weeks. Gardaí would be chasing shadows for an empowered irresponsible woman like they always do, funded by innocent taxpayers. Several people were suspected and interviewed by law enforcement, but nothing. Gardaí pulled Amanda's phone records from the night of the reported incident, compared her initial report with the one she made two days later and noticed inconsistencies revealing that the report could have been false. But no action was taken against the fictim (false victim) until...

May 2015. Amanda Hayes was arrested for unrelated offenses. While in custody she was interviewed about her rape allegation. Asked if she was raped, Amanda replied ‘No’. Asked why she reported the rape, Amanda replied: “I don’t know why I said it, I really don’t. I am sorry for what I said.”... As you can imagine, pussypass, as if lying was the worst she could do... until...

January 18, 2016. Ennis Courthouse. Shortly before she was due to stand trial for other crimes. Amanda Hayes escaped from custody through an open window in the courthouse. She remained at large for two months until she was re-arrested and sentenced to three months for that escape.

July 08, 2016. Ennis Circuit Court. 26-year-old Amanda Hayes was sentenced to a lenient three years in jail with the final 18 months suspended, meaning she gets to spend only 18 months in the pokey, on paper. The presiding judge said that Amanda Hayes had subjected people to “to damage and hurt” with her false rape allegation.

“To allege that someone falsely raped a person is a serious offense and can lead to dreadful consequences to innocent parties who the allegation is made against. Also with Facebook and Twitter, news gets around even if the investigation is done in strict confidentiality.”

The judge seems to acknowledge the severity of a false rape allegation, so why give her such a lenient sentence? And don't be fooled by the 18 months which she is ordered to serve. That is not only for her false rape allegation. It is reported that Amanda Hayes has a whopping 59 previous convictions most of which are theft-related. So this woman is a seasoned criminal. Then why be so lenient? The scientific explanation for this is just one word: Pussypass.

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