Ronika Dawn Trembley

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Salina, Saline, Kansas. fictim Ronika Dawn Trembley falsely reported domestic violence to police luring them to her residence at least three times.

Between 2017 and 2018. Ronika Dawn Trembley has made a series of false report of domestic violence. In the latest fabricated incident she persuaded a relative to report to the authorities that she had been attacked by a 48-year-old male, according to police records.

However on several occasions officers have showed up in her residence just to discover the reports were false. In what appears to be her attempt to have a criminal record, she missed appointment with the law.

December 14, 2017. Ronika Dawn Trembley was booked in Saline county jail for failure to appear. But this time officers are actually charging her. Enough of the pussy-pass

August 26, 2018. 43-year-old Ronika Dawn Trembley has been arrested once again and charged with Interfering with Law Enforcement Officers, False reporting and communicating false information to require emergency services.

Let's see what happens
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