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New Port Richey, Pasco County, Florida. Uber Eats delivery driver carjacked, sexually assaulted and falsely imprisoned by a man while loading food into her car? Keyword: "falsely". Actually, the falsely accused Hispanic man only had a small payment dispute with the female driver, and so she made herself out to be the ultimate victim of sorts.

August 14, 2019. Early morning hours. Uber Eats driver Heidi Elaine Schmutz reported to the Authorities that around 3 am, a man jumped in the front passenger seat while she loaded food in her SUV. The identified man allegedly claimed he had a firearm, ordered her to drive by his instructions, ceased her phone and repeatedly groped her boobs. Heidi Schmutz said she convinced him to allow her deliver the food. While that happened, she alleged that she tried to get the attention of the Uber Eats customer but was unsuccessful. She further alleged she only managed to escape when her kidnapper forced her to stop at a motel parking lot where he tried to force her into a room with two other men.

Guilty until Proven Innocent

Following the allegations, the 31-year-old man she accused was arrested and charged with False Imprisonment. His name was released to the media even though he denied the claims during interrogation. Meanwhile, Heidi also took to the media here with her claims.

As a part of their investigation, detectives reviewed surveillance footage from the motel area and discovered that Heidi Schmutz appeared to be neither in distress nor under duress. When interviewed again by investigators about the improbabilities, Heidi Schmutz confessed to cooking the claims. She admitted that she agreed to give the man a paid ride but when he couldn't pay, she fabricated the allegations and exaggerated the events to make her claims more believable.

August 15, 2019. 33-year-old Heidi Elaine Schmutz was arrested and charged with filing a false report. She was booked in Pasco County jail on a total bond of $150. A request to drop charges against the falsely accused man was filed to the State Attorney's Office. It is now up to the boss there to decide whether or not to drop the unwarranted charges.

Remember the other false accuser here who was let off on a $150 bond? the falsely accused man, in that case, was killed. $150 did not save him. But $150 conveniently saves liars in Florida, even when their lies cause death.

False Accusations are Sticky

This is a clearcut case with both evidence and the false accuser herself revealing that the incident was concocted. So, some people may wonder:

1. Why the hell is it so complicated to clear the accused man of the crime he clearly did not commit?
2. Why was it more urgent to charge him in the first place?

It is no secret that Female-on-Male accusations involving sexual assault, rape, inappropriate touching OR attempts thereof are classified by Uncle Sam and his brainwashed sheeple as gross enough crimes for the accused to remain Guilty until Proven Innocent. The application of this concept is even less severe in murder/homicide cases.

Therefore, any "crime" with expressed heterosexual tendency/inclination is rebuked/punished more swiftly/seriously than murder, that's worth a ponder. However, the reason for the state's success in demonizing male-to-female encounters lies in the socially re-engineered transition of our consciousness from the normalcy of natural heterosexuality to whatever else is considered "normal" in the New World. Watch this space

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