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Joshua Michael Bend

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Added: Aug 22, 2019  

Falls Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Habitual falarmist (false alarmist) Josh Bend strikes again, this time with an unusual but well-thought-out swatting technique to get the cops to go kill another. Luckily for the unsuspecting victim, the plan failed.

August 17, 2019. Bucks County Dispatch center received a 911 call by a man claiming to be high on heroine and seeking an emergency response to a possible overdose. The caller who provided what was initially believed to be his personal identification details and address, also claimed he was a convicted felon in possession of an AR-15 rifle right next to his bedroom door.

Following the report, a Falls Township officer was dispatched to the given address but realized there was neither anyone by that name mentioned in the emergency call nor anyone suffering from an overdose, according to police. Officers realized the phone number used to make the call was of a VOIP service, thus the investigation focused on reviewing 911 call history to find vocal compatibility to the recent hoax call. After the review, there was a voice match: Joshua Michael Bend, of Falls Township’s Morrisville section, according to police.

Police got in contact with that original caller and interviewed him. During that interaction, Joshua Bend eventually confessed to making the ruse call in an attempt to get "revenge" against an estranged friend whose name and details were provided in the call.

August 22, 2019. 34-year-old Joshua Michael Bend (AKA Joshua Michael Diaz-Bend) was charged with making a false report to authorities. How convenient it is to sit in the comfort of your bedroom, swat others and let the docile victim-believing police go shoot them.

It is not clear why the swatted estranged friend was not found in the provided address but it could be that the person possibly moved out without the knowledge of the swatter Joshua Michael Diaz-Bend (AKA BananaMan in the conspiracy theory world). reports that this is not the first time police have investigated Josh Bend for false reports. In 2016, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and false reports for calling authorities a year earlier to make bogus reports about men fighting and numerous calls about protection order against his ex-girlfriend. He ended up serving time in state prison for the hoax calls.

If someone has cried-wolf more than once, it is best to NOT respond if they cry again. Perhaps this country should try it as a part of the punishment. Anyone who makes hoax 911 calls OR falsely reports an incident is no longer eligible for 911 emergency services for a certain number of years determined by the context of their hoax. So if they call and police identify that they previously wasted the emergency service, the dispatcher should ignore their call, or block them. And if they get someone else to call on their behalf, those people who help them should also be blocked. And no, it's not cruel if you consider how many honest people out there need these very strained emergency services wasted on liars. Watch this space

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