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Gabriella Rodriguez

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Added: Aug 23, 2019  

Jonesboro, Craighead County, Arkansas. Facebook item seller, so she claimed she was. She got robbed by a white pair, so she alleged. However, she retracted the false report sooner than later, claiming she was not in her right mind when she called the cops. Very fishy.

August 22, 2019. fictim (false victim) Gabriella Rodriguez told police officers that she had offered items for sale on Facebook and that a white male and a white female had visited her house to see the items. She alleged that the male suddenly hinted that he had a gun but didn't actually pull it out. “She stated she saw the grip of it during the incident. Complainant stated that the suspects took around 25 vacuums and a lot more merchandise,” according to a report from the Craighead County Sheriff's Office. The fictim also told police that the robbers left $300 cash on her couch before making away with the robbed items.

However, within hours of the report, Gabriella Rodriguez contacted the police again requesting that the officers come back to her house. She met them at her door and explained that she was not thinking straight when she reported the robbery. Why did she cry-wolf? According to police, Gabriella Rodriguez said she was scared due to the presence of her young daughter at home when the people showed up possibly armed. She alleged, that caused her anxiety in a situation she's not used to. “She stated they never made any threats and she was sorry and that it was a big misunderstanding,” according to the report.

August 23, 2019. 22-year-old Gabriella Rodriguez was cited for misdemeanor filing a false report with law enforcement. She was issued an appearance ticket for August 26, 2019, when she is expected to be arraigned in court.

Due to the limited information released by law enforcement, we can be pardoned for speculating to fill the blanks in this fishy one. Items for sale on facebook, white people show up to see the items, one armed, they rob the item seller, and blah blah. This one smells like a drug deal gone wrong. So why did the false accuser Gabriella Rodriguez change her mind and retract the report? two most likely reasons: a.) Her issue with the party(ies) involved in the deal was fixed, OR b.) she suddenly realized she blew up a small incident that could attract bigger consequences to herself. Whichever applies, at least she came back to her senses, that doesn't always happen.

There is another hidden element in recent false reportings. Gabriella said the white male in the pair who robbed her hinted that he had a firearm but did not actually pull it out or point it at her. Just last week, this fictim here also claimed that the male perpetrator only told her he had a gun. Why don't they say the man pointed the gun at them? There is an increasing Surveillance Camera consciousness among fictims that they don't want to say something that can easily be disproven by video evidence. This is a major milestone for these liars in their falsehood art. But what can we as a society do to prevent them from achieving a complete certainty in outsmarting an investigation process? Watch this space.

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