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John McGuigan

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Bridgeport, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. A man paints profanity on his own bike, then he attempts to falsely accuse his ex of vandalism. Fail!

September 29, 2018. Police officers were dispatched to a residence in response to a report of criminal mischief to a motorbike. John L. McGuigan had reported that he believed an ex-girlfriend used black spray paint to write an obscenity on the windshield of his motorbike. While with officers, John McGuigan also made the complaint in writing.

How did he get to suspect an ex? He claimed he observed a vehicle similar hers pull away from his residence just prior to his 911 call. Police noticed that the paint on the windshield was still wet, indicating the spray was done very recently. As a part of the investigation, officers obtained surveillance footage from the area where the motorbike was parked during the time of the incident. The video showed that John McGuigan was the only person near his motorbike the entire time of the reported incident. The then 58-year-old John McGuigan Jr (AKA John L Mcguigan III) admitted that he wittingly filed a false report of a crime to law enforcement but no exact motive was provided. He was charged and he later pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge.

August 21, 2019. Montgomery County Court. 59-year-old John L. McGuigan was sentenced to six months probation. Too lenient and that's why these liars will keep coming

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