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Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii. Story of a wife in a dispute-infested marriage that deteriorated so fast that even divorce proved difficult. With wife repeatedly playing victim, it became a mammoth task for her husband to break away and move on with his life.

2015. After so much had been endured, Mr. Husband decided he had enough and filed a divorce. But that was denied because wife Mercedes Lizbeth Madrid (AKA Mercedes Samano-Perez) stated in the custody portion that he would lose his rights should he be with another woman. A revised decree was then entered again that finalized the divorce. However, Mercedes Madrid became upset that her ex-husband had moved on into a new relationship after the divorce was finalized. She began harassing the woman with emails claiming she (Mercedes) was his true love and how he would come back to her. Despite her seeming confidence in re-igniting her failed marriage, her ex-husband and his new woman moved to North Carolina due to his job and proximity to his children (Mercedes' children).

March 11, 2016. Mercedes Lizbeth Madrid filed a complaint in Family Court with allegations of a false divorce claiming that her ex-husband falsely signed paperwork to process a divorce. She also accused her ex-husband's new partner of having signed it as well.

April 2016. Mercedes Lizbeth Madrid began to make the smaller allegations of domestic violence against her ex-husband and partner in order to gain custody of the children. When that didn't work, she convinced her ex-husband to meet up with her alleging he had been found guilty of a fraudulent divorce and wanted to show him. She stated that should he meet with her and fulfill her sexual requests, she would leave him and his partner alone.

Mercedes also allegedly showed her ex-husband a document via mobile phone. Her ex-husband, who is now no longer in the service due to being falsely accused, knew the document she showed him did not look like an actual military document as she so claimed was. When her ex-husband told her he would fight the allegations, she became irate and attacked him.

June 18, 2016. After her ex-husband left where they met up, Mercedes proceeded to the military installation and alleged that her husband had raped her. Mercedes, who primarily speaks Spanish, had actually been telling everyone that she was not in fact divorced but still married and alleged him of being married to two women. That claim stirred-up separate allegations of bigamy against her ex.

Mercedes filed multiple police reports alleging she was physically attacked after being raped and sustained multiple lacerations to the body and head. However, a medical examination conducted showed no evidence of any injury sustained to the head, nor did her alleged attack match with that of her "lacerations". She also claimed that the Military Criminal Investigation Department (CID) were investigating her "husband" for bigamy and fraud. But it was later verified that not only did CID never investigate him for bigamy or fraud, CID does not get involved in family matters. Multiple emails sent to his partner by Mercedes stated that he was a great father to their children and to stop forcing him to be with her(his current partner) so that he could return home to her. Mercedes even met with her ex-husband on multiple occasions so that he could see his children (before June 18, 2016) all while still alleging domestic violence towards herself and the children.

August 17, 2016. Mercedes and ex-husband went back to the Family Court regarding the alleged false divorce known as a motion to set aside divorce. It was determined after hearing both parties that the divorce decree was, in fact, a legitimate true decree that remained intact. Mercedes also accused his partner of trying to kill her and kidnap the children.

December 2016. Mercedes' ex-husband's partner was found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

Meanwhile, in September 2016 a report was made to military police regarding Mercedes Madrid claiming to be a serviceman's spouse at the military hospital. She was later cited for obtaining property under false pretenses in an attempt to receive medical care under her ex husband's insurance. She is still awaiting a federal court hearing on that matter. The list continues to go on and on with allegations. Investigators failed to question Mercedes on the details of the false rape claim. The state of North Carolina is considered pro-women with little care to men's rights.

In 2017, Mercedes' ex husband was forced to take a plea deal in attempts to save what freedom he had left. The judge had allegedly told him that they would not allow his exculputory evidence in court. Not only did it destroy his military career to which he worked so hard for, but his reputation. He is currently fighting for his rights to his children as she continues to claim mental and physical abuse from their father.

Early 2019, It was discovered that Mercedes later told mental health physicians that their oldest child witnessed their father rape her. Though over 5 testimonies from Mercedes herself (in court and police reports) not once mentioned that any of her children were there during the alleged attack.

Mr. ex-Husband continues to try and rebuild his life with his current family. Mercedes continues to walk freely abusing victims services. Mercedes had been reported to Child Protective Services (CPS) on multiple occasions for causing mental harm towards the children and failing to properly care for the children. CPS refuses to get involved while the children continue to suffer. Proof of divorce can be found on the Hawaii family court website. Let's recognize here that she alleges his reason for attacking her is because she wouldn't drop the allegations of a fraudulent divorce - the same allegations he was found not guilty of. Will justice ever be served? Watch this space
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