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Lita Jo Young

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Collinsville, Rogers County, Oklahoma. Gynophobia vs Ophidiophobia is not worth a debate in today's society. However, in this case, the woman suggests the serpent is to be feared the most, but she lied. Lita Young actually went as far as falsely accusing snakes of biting her. Not once, not twice but three times in a hoax that strained resources and eventually had her charged with a crime.

June 2019. Fictim (false victim) Lita Jo Young called 911 saying she had been bitten by a snake. Medics attended to her but didn't see any signs of a bite. However, they still sent her to the medical center for a checkup, according to Within a fortnight, she called again and made the same complaint. An emergency response team suspended their services in another apartment to attend to Lita. But again, they found no signs of snakebite on her. A few days after that, Lita Young called in again claiming she had been bitten by a snake. Medics once again attended to her and again reported that there was no sign of any bite, abrasion or any trauma whatsoever.

When medics questioned her about repeated calls to 911, police said she was defensive and refused medical treatment. According to the Medics' evaluation, Lita Young acted and appeared normal, was lucid in her communication and behavior and was not a mental health patient.

September 18, 2019. 54-year-old Lita Jo Young was arrested and charged with making false alarms. The good news is the falsely accused snakes were never searched for, detained, interrogated, charged with a crime nor treated as guilty until proven innocent. And thank goodness they didn't end up having their identities thrown in the media based on the false report, unlike male humans would.

According to, Police said these (hoax) calls are a strain on resources and endanger community members who may be experiencing actual emergencies. It's especially stressful for the city of Collinsville, which has limited emergency personnel. The 911 call center often just consists of one person handling both phone calls and dispatching.

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