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Carrie Elizabeth Pennington

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Added: Oct 9, 2019  

Leesville, Vernon Parish, Louisiana. Woman falsely reports auto theft while she herself plotted to burn the vehicle. Luckily, the police investigation was faster than Carrie Pennington's attempted inferno.

September 01, 2019. The Leesville Police Department responded to a residence on University Parkway regarding a reported car theft. Upon arrival, Carrie Elizabeth Pennington told them she left it parked in her driveway the previous day, only to discover it was gone. Following her complaint, an investigation was launched.

September 03, 2019. Officers received information from the Sheriff’s Office advising that the reported stolen car had been found in the outskirts of the city, and that it seems there was an attempt to burn it.

Upon securing the vehicle's location, Leesville Police Department officers in collaboration with the Louisiana State Fire Marshall’s Officers and assistance from the Vernon Parish Sheriff's deputies investigated further and determined that fictim Carrie Pennington herself along with a co-conspirator had plotted to get rid of the vehicle. No official motive was filed for the false report and arson attempt, but the motivation is conceivably related to the possibility of an insurance claim.

October 09, 2019. 39-year-old Carrie Elizabeth Pennington and her accomplice were both charged with Filing a False Report, Criminal Conspiracy and Arson with Intent to Defraud. Their bonds were set at $8,500 each. Watch this space

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