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Kallang, Singapore. Another false rape allegation made by another maid against her boss for fear of losing her work permit. Her falsehood art soon backfires earning her a conviction and somewhat lenient jail time.

April 21, 2019. Afternoon. Lamneithiem, a domestic worker who came to Singapore only by that one name, went to Kampong Java police station and reported that her Singaporean male employer had raped her. As usual, following the report, an investigation file was opened for her.

In one of her first interviews with police, however, Lamneithiem gave her mendacious self away by mentioning that she had consensual sex with that employer and that she only lodged the police complaint in the aftermath of discovering the likelihood of her work permit cancellation.

April 24, 2019. Afternoon. Lamneithiem again contacted the police and reverted to her initial complaint that her sex with her employer was non-consensual. Several hours later, she was recorded on yet another contradictory statement, this time claiming that she was "forcefully raped". She furnished police with graphic details that while she was sleeping in the children's room, her boss entered to check on the kids. And then he allegedly entered again and asked her to his room. There he told her he was lonely and pushed her onto the bed and allegedly tried to lift up her shirt but she resisted him. He then wedged his leg between her lap and while undressing her, and then while she allegedly struggled and tried to push him away, he allegedly raped her without using a condom. After he was done, he allegedly told her to clean up, according to the claims.

April 25, 2019. An officer contacted the accused man and obtained a recorded statement from him. Though he vehemently denied the allegations, police ordered him to surrender his passport. His and his wife's mobile phones were seized for forensic investigation. The man went through about three hours of humiliating interrogation while his privacy was embarrassingly scrutinized, in addition to emotional ordeals related to the false allegation, and how it would affect his relationship with his wife forever. Fortunately, due to the lack of credibility in Lamneithiem’s version of events, a gag order was obtained to protect his identity.

May 31, 2019. Evidence obtained during the investigation which refuted Lamneithiem’s claims were presented to her in another interview with police. This time, she confessed that she was not raped, she had consensual sex and lied about the rape because she was worried about her work permit.

October 15, 2019. State Courts. 29-year-old Lamneithiem originally from Manipur, India, pleaded guilty to giving false information to a public servant and was sentenced to a lenient three weeks in jail. According to a Court Correspondent, another count of a similar offense was considered during her sentencing. That means she's not new to false claims but no absolute pussy pass this time.

The statute has it that for making a false police report, she could have been jailed for up to a year, fined up to S$5,000 (Approx $3,670 USD), or both. However, due to internationally forced policies of feminocentrism and pussy pass advocacy, it is highly unlikely for any woman to be adequately sentenced for her crimes let alone serve fair time. In this case, it is conceivably the falsely accused victim's hope, for justice sake, that after Lamneithiem's three-week sentence she would be deported, back to her native India to continue her art of false rape claims there. Watch this space

Cuntworth of a Desperate Maid

This case did not reveal much so let's take another look at this. Lamneithiem goes to the police, makes a rape report. After several interviews, she literally denies her own claims and leaves the police station. Why did she wait three days only to come back again and make a rape claim? It would appear that she used the first rape complaint as bargaining leverage against her employer. She must have given him conditions after the first complaint on April 21st and then tried to find other options to get her work permit done. When she realised it was not possible, she tried one last time to get her employer to help her. When he refused, she decided on April 24th that the rape claim was the only way to go. Then she came back to the police with a fabricated series of events. This is only our take, we could be wrong.

Whatever the case may be, you might just know that Geylang whores don't get a work permit to open their legs, so, many process their way in/to stay through the Domestic Worker visa scheme. Domestic workers are all females from other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. Their employers are usually local Singaporeans and seek them out through the agencies, or vice versa. Usually, interested employers would view the maid's profile, photo, age, height, weight, and some personal details before deciding to hire them. The maid can refuse the employer if she feels uncomfortable with him/her. When it's a male employer, the whole process is almost always like 65% recruitment and 35% match-making, unofficially. All the female maids are of age and experienced enough to understand this.

So, if you were wondering if Lamneithiem could have in any way been taken advantage of, remember this is Singapore, quite a "progressive" nation with feminist "equality" policies and a healthy "human rights" record. I could bet it rather happened the other way around until her employer had enough and decided to end it. What seems to be the bias here is that Lamneithiem was swiftly prosecuted just like other foreign maids often are, but when a Singaporean like this one here makes a false rape claim, the case is swept under the carpet.

Welcome to Singapore's Injustice System

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