Christopher Gary Ross

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Somerset, El Dorado County, California. How hard it must be for a golden snitch to simply shut the F up. Weed farm owner couldn't help but swat his Mexican associates with a false 911 report of theft on the farm. A responding officer gets killed in a shootout with the falsely accused men.

October 23, 2019. Marijuana farm owner Christopher Gary Ross placed a 911 call and reported on-going theft of weed in what he described as his "Marijuana Garden". According to a press release by the El Dorado County Sheriff, two deputies were first to respond to the location. They went to the back of Christopher's residence where the farm was, then announced their presence and demanded whoever was in the garden to come out with their hands up. Instead of a co-operative response, the suspects immediately opened fire at the deputies, prompting a gunfight. One deputy was hit twice in what became a fatal outcome. The other deputy was hit once but is in stable condition.

It is reported that the falsely accused men who opened fire on responding deputies are Mexicans who actually had some type of business arrangement with Christopher Ross related to their presence in the weed farm. But Christopher Ross did not disclose his relationship with the two men to the 911 dispatcher. His false/inaccurate/inadequate reporting is blamed for the death of the responding deputy.

October 24, 2019. 47-year-old Christopher Gary Ross was booked into El Dorado County jail on a charge of manslaughter. His bail is set at $50,000.

The two Mexicans who opened fire in the Weed Farm are also under arrest with one being charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon while the other is charged with aiding the commission of a felony. The U.S. Attorney’s Office is reportedly being requested to take up the matter as a federal case, as it involves foreign nationals.

Well then, now that it has led to the demise of one of their own, it seems we have finally gotten the attention of law enforcement on the issue of false/phony reporting. Let's see what happens. Watch this space.
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