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Kristina Marie Stauffer

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Added: Oct 23, 2019  

Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Another day, another sexual assault fantasist infected with attention-whorism: Near middle-age Kristina Stauffer had the authorities fooled #StartByBelieving that of all the younger prettier things walking around the busy area, none other than herself would be a target of a random male sexual assailant. Bleugh!

August 27, 2019. fictim Kristina Marie Stauffer told police that while she was at Moove In Self Storage of Shriner Station Road, a man approached her, grabbed her right thigh, and rubbed his groin on her. She claimed it happened at 1:27 p.m.

As usual, all hell broke loose no matter how meager the "assault" seemed to be. A big investigation was launched to catch the monster who dared to be sexually attracted to Kristina Stauffer. But there was only one problem - it took too long for the self-declared victim to be revealed as nothing but an attention-seeking liar. Over the course of the investigation, officers retrieved surveillance camera footage from the business center, reviewed hours of video footage and eventually determined that the incident never occurred.

October 23, 2019. 40-year-old Kristina Marie Stauffer, of Quarryville, was charged with making a false report to law enforcement. From her relaxed and somewhat glad facial expression in the mugshot, you can tell that wasting our tax fund is neither a big deal to her, nor to the police who arrested her. There is likely no consequence for her words/actions. Watch this space

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