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Krissy Lynn Cobb

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Habersham, Campbell County, Tennessee. Irresponsible Principal intoxicates herself and hits the street with a gun in her hand, even passes out in the middle of the road. When interviewed by police, she falsely blames it on an innocent man.

September 12, 2019. Deputies responded to a report of an unresponsive woman lying in the road in Duff Community, with a gun in her hand. By the time the deputies arrived, for safety concerns, bystanders had disarmed the woman later identified as Krissy Lynn Cobb, the Principal of Wynn-Habersham Elementary School. According to the responding Deputies, she was visibly intoxicated and found still lying in the road.

After she regained consciousness, Krissy Cobb told investigators that her husband forced her to smoke unfamiliar stuff, forced her to drink and had also assaulted her. She also claimed that her husband was armed with a handgun and hunting for her, which is why she too was armed to protect herself. Krissy Cobb was taken to the hospital where she was further interviewed by investigators. There she claimed that her husband had hit her head and she re-iterated that her husband forced her to drink and smoke unknown substances and also pointed a gun to her head. Why was she in Duff Community? Krissy Cobb claimed that after the assault, she came to "take a walk for health reasons."

Deputies reached out to the accused husband and he denied the allegations. Deputies say he was not only co-operative but was able to collaborate his story and had a witness verify his location at the time of the alleged assault incident. The investigation also confirms he could not have committed the alleged crime.

After Krissy Cobb was discharged from the hospital, she was again interviewed by investigators. This time she changed her story saying her husband hadn't assaulted her. She also told many false stories during the interview, according to officials. As a part of the investigation, Krissy Cobb's car was processed for forensic evidence and remnants of a controlled substance were found inside, according to officials.

October 02, 2019. 38-year-old Krissy Lynn Cobb surrendered herself to Deputies on charges of possession of a firearm while under the influence, public intoxication, false reporting, and littering. She was booked into Campbell County Jail and released on a $5,000 bond.

Campbell County Director of Schools released a statement: "I am in communication with the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department and Dr. Krissy Cobb has been suspended without pay." Community members have expressed concerns that suspending the fictim (false victim) is not good enough. Krissy Lynn Cobb's embarrassing conduct along with gross mendacious capacity shows she is not qualified to be managing the future of our kids. Get her out of there for good, and put her in jail where she belongs. Watch this space

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