Lara Dawson

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Mount Pleasant, Charleston County, South Carolina. Another unpleasant liar in mt. pleasant. For revenge, she makes a false burglary report against Southern Charm actress whom she claims to be her "former friend". This is happening just 8 months after another liar here was arrested for making a false rape report against another Southern Charm star in the same city.

September 27, 2019. Mt. Pleasant Police Officers were dispatched to Lara Dawson's residence on a report of on-going break-in and burglary. There, Lara told police that she had just returned from a Version store when her former friend, a Southern Charm actress whom she described as a "6'1 white female with a thin build and red hair," was breaking into her home along with a "large black male with a red shirt". Lara Dawson alleged that after the forced entry, the accused went back to a black SUV and put "something" in the trunk. In her statement which she also provided in writing, Lara Dawson also claimed there were signs of forced entry on the rear door to the screened-in porch and she showed officers to the door.

However, it was determined by police that the damage to the lower part of the door was pre-existing, as the exposed wood looked as similarly aged as the rest of the cracks in the entire door frame. Police also contacted the accused woman who was able to prove that she was meeting with her lawyer for the entire timeframe of the alleged burglary.

September 28, 2019. 33-year-old Lara Dawson was arrested and booked into Charleston County Detention Center on a misdemeanor charge of filing a false police report of a felony. Her bond was set at $1,500 but she was soon released from custody for own personal recognizance. Watch this space
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