Megan Wheat

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St. Simons, Glynn County, Georgia. fictim Megan Wheat falsely accused a man of kidnapping, robbing and attempting to sexually assault her, to cover-up her drug dealings and get him in trouble.

June 10, 2018. Fictim (false victim) Megan Wheat reported to authorities that after withdrawing money from an ATM she was kidnapped by a white male at gunpoint. She claimed she was forced to drive to a secluded location where she was robbed of over $450 by the man who also attempted to sexually assault her before she managed to fight him off.

Following her false report, an investigation was launched, Glynn County Police officers spent many hours into the alleged crimes checking surveillance videos and interviewing people including the suspect. Eventually, investigators discovered that Megan owed someone money for illegal narcotics, met with the person and paid $460 towards her debt. The person then punched her in the face because it was not the total amount she owed. Consequently, she decided to make an exaggerated claim to get him in trouble. She further planted evidence to make her story more believable, according to police.

June 14, 2018. 30-year-old Megan Wheat was arrested and charged with false report of a crime and making false statements.
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