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Tamekionna Griffin

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Added: Oct 25, 2019  

East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. In a dispute over a dog, a woman decides to make a fake sexual assault victim of a younger girl, by accusing the boys on the other side of the dog dispute. It is her third recorded time to make allegations against the same boys.

October 21, 2019. EBR Sheriff's deputies were notified about an alleged sexual assault of a juvenile, the complaint was made by Tamekionna Griffin. Being a felony crime, detectives worked promptly and diligently on the case.

October 22, 2019. Detectives conducted an interview and forensic examination on the juvenile who was reported to have been victimized but the results refuted claims of her having been sexually assaulted. Upon further investigation, the Sheriff’s Detectives discovered that Tamekionna Griffin had made two previous allegations against the two individuals on Sept 12 and Oct 16, both unsubstantiated and believed to be false.

October 25, 2019. Detectives interviewed Tamekionna Griffin again, but this time she confessed to making the accusations due to an ongoing dispute over a dog, according to the arrest affidavit.

43-year-old Tamekionna Griffin was arrested and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on charges of making false statements and violating public health safety. No report on bond. Watch this space.

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