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Audra Marie Hanks

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Millcreek, Salt Lake County, Utah. Suffering from falsity or insanity? A woman claims a title in both with a false report of mass shooting in which she and her fictitious kids were victims of the adult male shooter. All said and done, she declares her insanity to avoid responsibility for her fakery. As usual, pussy pass is conceivably being considered in her case.

October 28, 2019. Morning. 911 dispatcher received a call from Audra Marie Hanks reporting “an ongoing shooting, including her and kids being shot by a specific male suspect,” according to the arrest affidavit. That specific male suspect was believed to be her husband. Following the call, there was a large emergency response from multiple agencies including law-enforcement from various districts, the fire department, and medics which all potentially posed a danger to lives by their urgency on the road.

However, when the authorities arrived at the location, there was no shooting in the apartment nor was there an emergency. In fact, officers found only Audra Hanks in the apartment believed to be living alone with no husband nor kids. Tada! another prank call by a lonely false victim throwing your taxes down the drain. When questioned by police, her excuse was having a mental health issue for which she was neither taking prescribed medication nor following a treatment routine. She further confessed to using unprescribed cannabis products.

October 28, 2019. 39-year-old Audra Marie Hanks was detained on third-degree felony charges of making a false alarm of an on-going imminent threat and making a false emergency report involving death. She was also charged with one count of giving false information to law enforcement, which is a Class B misdemeanor. The fictim (false victim) was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail with her bail set at $10,480. There will be a hearing on her case next month.

There are many ways to understand this incident. But one way never talked about is that the state empowered women to be independent of men, live alone and smoke all kinds of stuff with their freedom. This type of freedom is in direct conflict with her natural innate desire to have a man with her. And when her loneliness and frustration reaches rock bottom, she calls the authorities and concocts some victimhood to at least have some company. We would have called that Karma if the Authorities were losing anything from it. But unfortunately, on the contrary, they get to waste more of your taxes on these increasing fake victimhood incidents. Therefore you the citizen is the only one losing something. How many more Audra Hanks' are out there? Hold that thought

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