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Victor Antonio Puente

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Added: Oct 29, 2019  

Laredo, Webb County, Texas. Man crashes car into a parked car causing damage. Then he plays the victim of hit-and-run to avoid responsibility. At the same time, a woman here in the same city did almost the exact same thing. Fail

October 28, 2019. Officers responded to an accident scene. There, Victor Antonio Puente, the driver of a blue Chevy Sonic, told officers that another driver of a red car collided with his vehicle and fled the scene.

While investigating the scene, an officer noticed a trail of debris on the road leading to the complainant's car and followed that trail. The Breadcrumbs led to a parked Toyota Tundra which had damages indicating it had been crashed into. At least two witnesses also came forward and told the officer that Victor's blue Chevy was the one that hit the white Toyota Tundra and that there was no hit and run.

October 28, 2019. 18-year-old Victor Antonio Puente was arrested and charged with providing a false report to the police.

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