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Jane Doe of South Euclid

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South Euclid, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. After enjoying sex with a male victim, she decides to ruin his life with an elaborate self-victimhood story. Fail!

October 21, 2019. Early morning hours. Jane Doe as police are yet to release her name reported that she had been kidnapped. She detailed that "a friend" had picked her up in Cleveland the previous night but instead of driving her back home, he rather took her to another home in South Euclid, covered her head and locked her in a closet. She further alleged that she managed to escape

Upon investigation, officers located the home and the male suspect who was able to prove he did not commit the alleged crime. Eventually, the investigating officers determined that Jane Doe was not honest.

October 31, 2019. In a follow-up interview with Jane Doe, she later confessed that she had not been kidnapped. She instead had chosen to have consensual sex with the man and his girlfriend then got into an argument that motivated her to make the false report.

20-year-old Jane Doe of Cleveland is charged with making false alarms.

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