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Arrowhead Court, Clay County, Kentucky. Keen on being a victim, a woman named Donna Keen calls emergency services and claims to have been shot multiple times in the head, but responders find nothing.

October 30, 2019. Towards evening. Someone seems to be high on something, and 911 is the easiest number to dial. And so she dialed away, stating that she needed emergency help because she had been shot multiple times in the head.

When deputies arrived, they found no injuries consistent with her claims. She was questioned but inconsistent about her reasons or motive for calling 911. We on this side can tell you just as we've seen over and over again 'his highness' here or more recently 'her highness' here

October 30, 2019. Evening. 38-year-old Donna Keen was arrested by Clay County Sheriff and charged with Falsely Reporting Incident. She was booked into the Clay County Detention Center.

This one is more amusing than sad. If Donna Keen was not a native English speaker we could have assumed that perhaps she was really "shot multiple times", by a water pistol? or perhaps she really "took multiple shots", of something which almost knocked her head out?... Good luck with that being a 911 dispatcher... but hell, calling for little or nothing is just another justification for your taxes thrown into the fake victimhood industry. The question remains: How much is too much? Watch this space

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