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ShelbyLyn Allyn Duncan

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Added: Oct 7, 2019  

Salisbury, Wicomico County, Maryland. If "hoax" had a form, what would it be like? Ladies and gentlemen, meet ShelbyLyn Duncan the double hoaxer of kidnap and sexual assault. It doesn't get any more interesting with your taxes going down the drain...

September 17, 2019. Officers were called to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for a reported kidnap and sexual assault. On arrival, ShelbyLyn Allyn Duncan told an elaborate victimhood story almost worthy of Hollywood production. She claimed it happened to her during the early morning hours as she was walking through Beaglin Park Drive, a strange male grabbed her, covered her head with a pillowcase, and forced her into a car with other males. She alleged that she was driven around in the car for several hours and was sexually assaulted by one of her captors before being eventually released.

Make what you would of ShelbyLyn Duncan's fantasy but police took it very seriously, spending your tax money on chasing shadows. After a lengthy investigation in which surveillance footage was sought, potential witnesses interviewed, and with police leaving no stone unturned, it was determined that Shelby's claims were not only untrue but a completely fabricated hoax. In other words, none of it ever happened. Consequently, a warrant was issued for the fictim's (false victim's) arrest on various charges.

October 07, 2019. 24-year-old ShelbyLyn Allyn Duncan turned herself into Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office on four counts of Making False statements and one count of Intentional false alarm. She was booked in Wicomico County Detention Center with her bond set at $10,000.

It is all too common that when a young woman goes out all night doing all the wrong things with the wrong person/people, she tries to cover it up with a victimhood story. And if you ever wondered what a hoax looks like, if a hoax had eyes, arms, ears, etc, then wonder no more. This one is the best representation of it. Even her name looks like a hoax. Watch this space

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