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Baudilio Mendez-Vasquez

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Clearwater, Pinellas County, Florida. Another false victimhood report leads to another innocent man's death by police. This one is a tragic tale of two immigrants trying to make ends meet in our country. One lies, the other dies.

August 18, 2019. At night. With the baggage of domestic problems and shit like everyone else, Baudilio Mendez-Vasquez decided to drink his troubles away at a mobile home park he shared with other family members. While intoxicated, he accidentally cut his hand on a bottle and bled outside, according to police. As illegal immigrants, his upset brother scolded him that the bleeding would draw attention. And so Baudilio made up a false victimhood story, called 911 and reported having been assaulted by a man who fled on a bike. In poorly spoken English, he gave the description of the suspect - a medium-build Hispanic male of about 35 years old. The 911 dispatcher relayed the information through radio to patrol deputies in the area.

On the other side of the situation, another Guatemalan immigrant was riding a bike from work back to a Capri Mobile Home Park he shared. As deputies saw the 31-year-old fitting the description of the reported assault suspect, they stopped him and asked questions. He provided the authorities an image of his Guatemalan ID card from his phone but he too did not communicate well in English and was understandably confused about the situation. With a 14-year-old son in the U.S. and prospects of being deported, the man decided to flee the cops on foot. As you can imagine, our law-enforcement being all but athletic do not take kindly to the chase. They caught up with the poor man right at his doorstep, applied excessive force and eventually tased him to unconsciousness. As his family was no longer able to afford life-support, he was later pronounced dead at the Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. His young teenage son was sent to foster care, but family members are reportedly in the process of sending him back to Guatemala.

October 31, 2019. After a thorough investigation, 26-year-old Baudilio Mendez-Vasquez was arrested and booked in Pinellas County jail on a misdemeanor charge of misuse of the 911 system. He will likely be handed over to ICE. The deputies who used excessive force to kill the innocent immigrant were cleared of wrongdoing. Welcome to clearwater.

Still in Florida not too long ago, we saw the other incident here of another false victimhood which led to another man being killed. How much is too much? Watch this space

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