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Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. "Heavyset Female," the phrase used to describe Chrissy Simpson who suddenly mounted a man's car and refused to leave without money, according to the police complaint. As the man would not give in to her extortion efforts, the convicted prostitute upgraded her drama to fake rape victimhood.

November 01, 2019. Still couldn't make it without a man. Chrissy Simpson (AKA Christina L Simpson) jumped in a man's car and forcefully demanded money from him. When he refused to comply, she threatened to call her White Knight thugs to assault him. The male hostage, in turn, expressed his intention to call the police if Chrissy didn't leave. What do you know? Chrissy rather acted upon his idea, called 911 herself and alleged that she was being raped by him. Meanwhile, the male victim also called 911 and complained that a "heavyset female" forced herself into his car and refused to get out.

Incidentally, the Police responded to the drama and found the male victim but by that time the fake rape "heavyset female" (AKA Chrissy Simpson) had fled the scene on foot and turned off her phone to prevent the authorities from returning her rape call. Officers eventually found her on the road but the fibster denied having called 911.

Despite her denials, 41-year-old Chrissy L. Simpson was positively identified and taken into custody, charged with False Report of an Emergency, which is a class C Felony. She was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on a $5,000 bond. Online records show she's already out.

November 05, 2019. A.A. Brich Justice Complex. Feminist Judge Melissa Blackburn dismisses the False Reporting case against Chrissy Simpson. No punishment whatsoever for a rape liar - no jail, no community service, no probation, no fines, no restitution, nothing. It just goes to show you how our justice system takes the issue of false rape accusations. It's a non-issue for the wig heads.

It might interest you to know that between 2016 and 2017, Chrissy Simpson scored a lengthy criminal record with at least 13 arrests and convictions for offenses including prostitution and paraphilia. That record excludes her runnings with the law under her previous names. She also served a jail term in 2017.

In this particular case, it is not clear what events led to Chrissy forcing herself into the man's car and demanding money. Some speculation by Nashville online community members suggests the man may have had sex with her and she was simply demanding the payment after service. However, it is highly unlikely for an experienced prostitute to offer services before payment. Moreover, the male victim would not confidently call the police if that was the case.

With that scenario ruled out, what most likely transpired is that the man is either a former customer or linked to another associate of the "Heavyset Female". Chrissy Simpson apparently having no newly interested customer(s) decided to attack him for what she hoped would be regarded as previously unfinished business. Though these are just speculations but the story looks like a combination of this situation here and the other one here.

On a serious note, Rape Accusal Terrorism is a thing as this story clearly demonstrates. "No Money No Honey" is a phrase visitors to Asia are likely familiar with. But "No Money No Innocence" is just as applicable these days in the western world. With full cuntworth consciousness, any pussybearer can cry rape against an innocent man for refusing to meet her demands. A man would only be fortunate if law enforcement toned down their mandatory gynocentrism to handle the situation fairly, like it happened in this case. Men need to wake up and start defending themselves more aggressively against this biased justice system, otherwise, our young boys are all doomed. Watch this space.

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