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Luo HuiMin

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Added: Sep 23, 2019  

Bukit Batok, Singapore. The case of a false rape accuser swept under the rug then revived only when she strikes again with another false police report against a woman this time. habitual false accuser's lawyer claims a special type of insanity on her behalf, as we often see in cases like this.

November 01, 2015. Experienced Divorcee HuiMin Luo (Officially written as ??—?…§?•? or Luo HuiMin) went to Woodlands East Police Department at about 1:00 am and reported that she had been raped by a man. Police looked into the situation and concluded it was a false report. With mounting shreds of evidence against her, HuiMin Luo eventually confessed she had made a false report. She was charged with False Reporting but the case was abandoned by a feminist prosecutor... until...

July 25, 2018. Once again, HuiMin Luo took to the cops. This time at almost 12:30 a.m. in Bukit Batok East. Her complaint stated that another female (later referred to as her Boyfriend's wife) slapped her on the left cheek, stomped on her belly, pinched and punched her on her left arm and foot. What was she doing with another woman's husband?

As well-deserving at the assault may sound, unfortunately, it was not even true. A lengthy police investigation came to the conclusion that the report was false and HuiMin Luo was once again charged with False Reporting. But this time, they wouldn't sweep the case under the carpet so easily, she accused a female.

September 23, 2019. Court. 26-year-old HuiMin Luo (??—?…§?•?) pleaded guilty to both False Reporting charges against her. The prosecutor stated how her made-up stories caused her victims the inconvenience of going to the police station for investigation, and how investigation resources were wasted on the false reports. The defense lawyer tried to use her test results from February 2019 to argue that HuiMin is not only going through depression but also suffers from "intellectual deficiency". Call it what you want but we have a term for it: "libtardism". She suffered from libtardism-induced victimhood.

The judge eventually accepted to review reports used in the defense's argument. Subsequently, the fictim (false victim) is scheduled to be sentenced in October 2019 but we all know that might not even happen. Pussy Pass is a major contributor to Singapore's injustice system. Watch this space

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