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Fredy Kosman Kwee

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Added: Nov 18, 2019  

Clementi, Singapore. Mentally pussified cockbearer turns to combo victimhood against another cockbearer. You guessed it, the art of faggotery did not generate the desired attention to himself, so Fredy Kwee felt calling the cops to make a false drugging and rape report would do the trick.

January 02, 2019. At Sundown, gay with a frown, whatever it was for, Fredy Kosman Kwee just couldn't take it anymore. The Indonesian-born resident called 999 emergency services claiming there was an on-going fight in his block. As emergency response readied to get to him, Fredy Kwee called again, twice, alleging that someone had possibly drugged and raped him. He also requested more police to show up, according to court documents.

When the police arrived at his flat, Fredy Kwee complained that his 50-year-old Singaporean boyfriend came into his room at 3:00 pm, covered his face with a pillowcase and forced a pill down his throat, after which he lost consciousness only to wake up at 4:30 pm. Noted

An investigation was opened on the accused man. As a part of the investigation, an officer retrieved CCTV footage of the circuit flat area and discovered that Fredy Kwee’s accused boyfriend was away from the flat for the entire afternoon.

However, even after being confronted with the video evidence, Fredy Kwee was hell-bent on claiming the rape victimhood prize. He adamantly refused to give up on the lies. Miraculously, after being told that he would be handed over to an officer from the specialized crimes unit for further interview, Fredy Kwee eventually confessed that he fabricated the story because he was stressed and felt that his boyfriend was not giving him enough attention. Viola! He was charged with Filing a False Police Report.

November 18, 2019. 34-year-old Fredy Kosman Kwee, a convict who had spent 8 months behind bars back in 2016 for ice use, was once again arraigned in Court for making False Reports of serious crimes. The presiding Judge made remarks: "In such cases (of false accusations), there is every chance that the unwitting and completely innocent victim would have been arrested and held in remand while investigations were underway".

As expected by the defense team, Fredy's lawyer told the court that the fictim (false victim) suffered from "amphetamine-induced psychosis and depression", of course, there's always an excuse. He also stated that Fredy regretted the incident and had recanted his complaint, made-up with his boyfriend and they were back together. He requested the Judge for a one-day jail term along with a S$2,000 fine.

According to Singapore's penal code system, the punishment for wittingly giving false information to a public servant is up to a one-year jail term and up to S$5,000 (Approx. $3,672 USD) fine. But the Judge had his leniency hat on and sentenced Fredy Kwee to five days in jail, which is a pretty decent pussy pass for a cockbearer. In contrast, this maid here got 3 weeks in jail, the other Indonesian maid here got 14 days and this other Indonesian maid here got 3 months in jail for similar false rape complaints. So, what makes Fredy Kwee so special? Hold that thought!

All eyes on Fredy now. The McDonald's worker and part-time dance teacher finally got the attention he so desperately craved. As we all know, the promotion of libtardism is an essential ingredient of any country looking to become/remain an ally of the west and Singapore is no exception. That means the more libtarded you are, the more leniency you're likely to obtain from the justice system. No issues with junk science constantly steering our minds to how not only possible but also beautiful it is for 2 north-poles to attract each other. No issues with proponents of what was once identified as a mental illness now in the guise of "human rights". But when the outcome is these type of lies that waste our hard-earned tax dollars, that's where we come in. Watch this space

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