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Cynthia Laret Collier

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Added: Nov 28, 2019  

East Point, Fulton County, Georgia. Circled by men around Circle K, Or really? Attention Whorism + Fake victimhood almost always produces this sort of outcome. Lies though, but her female cousin did #StartByBelieving and posted a social media rant video on the issue which netted over 18K views and counting. Remember a similar story here some time ago

November 24, 2019. Afternoon. Officers responded to possible stalking and attempted abduction report at a Circle K convenience store where Cynthia Laret Collier claimed that she had been followed around by a man who appeared have had a weapon as he kept tapping on his pocket and staring at her. She also claimed that the man ignored the store employee's question if he needed help. She further alleged that outside, the man along with other men continued to follow her and even chased her uber by a gray Dodge Charger.

Before police had a chance to look into the allegations, April Mason, supposedly a cousin to the fictim (fake victim), took it upon herself to spread the hoax as gospel truth in a youtube video titled "3 men tried to abduct my cousin today!"

In the video, among many other things you would expect, she complained about back women not being protected by black men but instead being violated by them. The self-declared "femininity educator & dating coach" asked women (particularly black women) to give up on femininity, get a gun and shoot suspicious men. She also asked that "good men" not allow women to walk to their car by themselves. Comments were disabled on the video so people who tried to make sense of her message don't even get to ask why supposedly "strong and independent women" need protection, let alone how it's possible to protect a so-called "strong and independent" woman without being accused of some creepy stalking/sex crime. And that's only for those who managed to endure all 14.04 minutes of April Mason's video with an open mind.

However, the bigger blow against Cynthia Collier's claim is the outcome of a police investigation that involved reviewing CCTV footage inside and outside the store. The footage does not support any of the claims made by the fictim (false victim).

First of all the inside footage shows Cynthia Collier walking in and regularly looking in her phone screen while wandering around sections of the store. The falsely accused African American man walks in moments later minding his business and seeming to be completely unaware of Cynthia's presence. From the video evidence, it is fair to say that Cynthia set eyes on the man much more often than the other way around.

Police interviewed the store employee who denied the claims that she asked the accused man if he needed help, further availing that the man was simply buying a lottery ticket.

The outside footage also showed no one following Cynthia. Her shared Uber car actually drove a few meters behind a police SUV on the highway and no other vehicle followed behind. Police interviewed Cynthia's shared Uber driver who told police that Cynthia did not mention anything about the incident to him.

November 27, 2019. As a result of overwhelming evidence of Cynthia's untruthfulness, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

November 28, 2019. 42-year-old Cynthia Laret Collier turned herself in at East Point Police Department on a charge of filing a false report of a crime. You can probably tell from her mugshot that the authorities have likely given her an impression this is not a big deal.

Cynthia Collier's lawyer speaking to Channel 2 Action News said “Just because an official doesn't see you as threatened it doesn't mean it didn't happen.” while maintaining that his client "never lied" to police. Well, here's a simpler version which better correlates with reality: “Just because she said it, doesn't mean it happened.”

Why Cynthia would target the random brother for extermination is still a mystery to commonsense. She painted a very bad picture of men who wouldn't even take a second look at her let alone think of abducting her middle-aged self. And for what? Let's just say the fictim is possibly one of those raised by the message "if you see something, say something" and sometimes she sees or says too much. Everyone has a right to their own personal fantasies but this is a clear case of an accuser wishing death upon a random man for simply minding his own business. Other black men have been shot dead by police for less. Hold that thought!

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