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Alvin Thompson

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Added: Nov 28, 2019  

London, England. The Grenfell Tower disaster killed many innocent people, and in the rush to get the disenfranchised survivors compensation to help them get back on their feet, Archway-based fictim Alvin Thompson decided to take advantage of the system.

July 28, 2017. In the aftermath of the Grenfell disaster that tragically killed 71, Alvin Thompson waltzed into the offices of Kensington and Chelsea council armed with letters from his doctor, claiming that he suffered from PTSD. The reason? Thompson claimed to be a tramp who had been sleeping in Grenfell Tower when it burned down. According to himself, he had been woken by the smoke and heroically helped other residents to safety, stepping over several bodies on the way out.

March 2018. Having been forced to live in hotels for eight months, Alvin Thompson was allocated permanent housing in London, to be refurbished and carpeted with money from the fund set up to help the victims of Grenfell. The financial assistance given to the fictim, including the redecorating and hotel bills, amounted to £95,706.42 (Approx. $126,568 USD). However, an investigation showed that the fictim had never even entered the tower, nor was he homeless, being linked to an address in Archway.

November 27, 2019. 51-year-old Alvin Thompson was convicted on two counts of fraud at Isleworth Crown Court and held awaiting sentencing.

November 28, 2019. Alvin Thompson was sentenced to nine years in prison for defrauding the victims fund and found himself in jail, another victim of justice.

Fictimhood of the Grenfell Tower disaster is nothing new (see here and tags below) but that will never excuse the heartless way Thompson scammed the victims of the fire out of much-needed cash that they would never be able to restructure their lives without. So, in the interests of justice and commonsense, SCREW this bearded scrounger and his new carpet.

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