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Added: Dec 11, 2019  

Milton-Freewater, Umatilla County, Oregon. Balls to gamble but no balls to sail through the debts, not without some fake victimhood anyway. This one may remind you of the other high roller here

December 04, 2019. Night. The 50-year-old wife of Johnson Le called the police and reported that their home was invaded by a masked man who entered through the backyard and shot her husband in an attempt to rob the couple. Following the report, there was a heavy response involving Milton-Freewater Police, Oregon State Police troopers, Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office deputies and the fire department. Emergency services arrived the scene, found the fictim with a gunshot wound and transported him to a medical care unit.

A few days later, investigations revealed there was no intruder, no masked man, no robbery, no attempted robbery, no one shot at Johnson Le, he actually shot himself in the arm with a 9 mm Glock and lied in an attempt “to hide and cover up a gambling debt,” according to the Milton-Freewater Police Chief. It is unclear who among the couple came up with the idea but his 15 years older wife, Maria Morales, narrated the fake story to the cops. However, the fictim himself is the one who ended up in cuffs.

December 11, 2019. 35-year-old Johnson Le was arrested on misdemeanor charges of filing a false report and tampering with evidence. He was also charged with a felony - unlawful discharge of a firearm. He was booked in Umatilla County Jail on $20,000 bail. That's how harsh it gets.

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