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Jacques Fleurijeune

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Norwich, New London County, Connecticut. Haitian immigrant wants more money, stages over 50 crashes with his criminal friends. However, Jacques Fleurijeune soon found that being a conman is generally frowned on in American society.

October 22, 2013. Haitian immigrant Mackenzy Noze crashed an appropriately run down car belonging to fellow conman Jacques Fleurijeune into a tree, then called the authorities. Before they got there though, Noze swapped places with Jacques Fleurijeune in the driver's seat, allowing the fictim to claim when the police arrived that he had crashed after "swerving to avoid a deer". The fictim was obligated to fill out an insurance report, in which he fraudulently claimed that he had suffered injuries in the staged crash. All in all, the scheme netted Jacques Fleurijeune and his associates $30,534.52 (approximately 22,915.21 GBP).

February 14, 2017. A now indicted Jacques Fleurijeune pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud, simultaneously admitting his role in the crash of '13 in order to avoid prosecution over 49 other faked crashes from 2011-2014.

August 28, 2017. Jacques Fleurijeune was sentenced to five months, time already served, and three years of supervised release at New Haven court. A remarkably lenient sentence for wasting hours of police time, but then again he was on a plea deal. Shame on him.

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