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Mark Swanson

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Added: Aug 31, 2018  

Paducah, Kentucky. Crackhead fictim and liar Mark L. Swanson falsely reported a robbery in order to get his drug supplier in trouble with the police.

August 22, 2018. fictim Mark Swanson told police he was robbed at knife-point. He claimed the robber whom he knows made away with his $250. Police launched an investigation into the alleged incident.

Due to discrepancies in his account of events, Mark Swanson was interviewed again and he eventually admitted to
paying money to the alleged robber for marijuana but receiving oregano instead. So, he concocted the story to get the man in trouble with the law.

August 31, 2018. A 33-year-old Mark Swanson, from Boaz, was booked into the McCracken County Jail on charges of falsely reporting an incident.

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