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Shawn Boylan

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Added: Dec 4, 2019  

Lakeland, Polk County, Florida. An “abundant” amount of marijuana in plain sight, some cocaine too if you might. Seeing things when you're high? calling 911 with a fake home invasion report is apparently not the best idea. This probably reminds you of the other fictim here

December 01, 2019. Morning. Deputies responded to a possible on-going home invasion by armed suspects, reported by Shawn Boylan. When deputies arrived, they found no one but the fictim himself. He then told the deputies that the armed invaders fled through the rear door. However, there were already deputies stationed at the back who saw no one exit.

On further searching Shawn Boylan's house for the intruders, behold an “abundant” amount of marijuana in plain sight throughout the house and other items which prompted the law-enforcers to obtain a warrant for the property. During the investigation, deputies found what they described as 25.79 pounds of marijuana, a small amount of cocaine, and more than $130,000 USD in cash, along with a digital scale and vacuum sealer, according to the arrest affidavit. Shawn, however, denied any knowledge of the drugs, claiming they were planted there by the "invaders" who also forced him to snort a small portion of the coke.

December 04, 2019. 49-year-old Shawn Boylan was arrested on felony charges of drug trafficking and possession. No word on bail or bond. Watch this space

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