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Amelia Venegas

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Added: Dec 4, 2019  

Modesto, Stanislaus County, California. Fake maternity. “She made up a lie to cover up another lie,” according to an officer on the case of fabricated child abduction aimed at keeping a boyfriend deceived, getting a relative in trouble, as well as wasting our tax money. Welcome to another episode of mendaciousness starring Amelia Venegas on a mission to kill 3 birds with one stone.

December 04, 2019. Sheriff's deputies were alerted to a viral social media post of a missing baby seemingly shared by concerned family members. The post described the appearance of the baby and availed the identity of the accused suspect, the supposed aunt of the baby who was alleged to be hours overdue from returning the child to her mother.

Two deputies and an officer investigated the case, visited the home of Amelia Venegas, the alleged mother, but found nothing indicating that a baby lived there. The officers then interviewed neighbors, contacted family members and even called the hospital at which the woman said she delivered. But No one could confirm the existence of the baby. Then the officers finally caught up with the aunt who reportedly took the child, but she too denied there ever having been a child.

Amelia Venegas was interviewed again by officers and this time she admitted to making up the story because she had previously lied to her ex-boyfriend about being pregnant.

December 04, 2019. 29-year-old Amelia Venegas was arrested for filing a false report.

“She made up a lie to cover up another lie she made in the past,” said a sheriff’s lieutenant. “Not only is this a serious waste of resources, we are investigating a crime that is a complete fabrication,” said the Sheriff himself.

Is it possible that the fictim had really got pregnant and gotten rid of the child without the consent of the father. It is also possible that even the initial pregnancy was a hoax. How long she had pulled the saddle over Mr. Boyfriend's eyes is unknown but the poor man had presumably done her more than favors in efforts to support what he thought was going to be the mother of his child.

How many similar tricks has Amelia played on Mr. Boyfriend? we don't know. How many men has Amelia played similar tricks on? We don't know. But what we know is that the wage gap myth resonates in every Tom, Jane, Dick, and Harry. And if there was any truth to it, this would be the justification: Women should earn more than men because makeup is getting expensive, but men should earn more than women because they are obliged to pay child support. Even in cases where the child is not his or, as in this case, does not exist. Watch this space

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