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Harlie Elise Evans

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Added: Dec 16, 2019  

Rome, Floyd County, Georgia. The Ice woman strikes again. This time with multiple fabricated victimhood to police. What appears to be the perfect definition of wasted, was arrested for false reporting

Remember, earlier this year the same Harlie Evans who is now listed as "homeless", was found with a methamphetamine syringe. But this time she's rather switching to the victimhood industry calling 911 over and over again with made-up crimes, some against herself, some random.

However, after an investigation, the fake victimhood quickly backfired with Harlie getting the arguably desired result of being taken off the streets for a while at least.

December 16, 2019. 26 year-old Harlie Elise Evans was apprehended at the Autozone in Rome, taken into custody and charged with unlawful conduct. Watch this space

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