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Analive Ramirez-Arias

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Added: Dec 13, 2019  

Madison, Morris County, New Jersey. VAWA Inspiration and relevance play out in this one, running through the veins of a 40-year-old violence fantasist who tricked a juvenile male to do her red and putting out the word. Speaking of fakery, wonder not why some ski-masked man takes the blame.

December 11, 2019. Early morning hours. Police Officers responded to the rear lot of an apartment complex on a report of a knife attack by a man in a ski mask. There, police found Analive Ramirez-Arias, the "victim" with substantial injury to her left arm. She repeated the same story that she was attacked by a masked man with a knife. What was thought to be the victim was transported to a Medical Center for treatment, according to police.

With the description of the suspect, an investigation involving the Morris County Sheriff's Department, K9 and Crime Scene Investigation Unit, Chatham Borough Police, Chatham Township Police, Florham Park Police, and Harding Township Police, to identify and arrest the suspect, rather uncovered something else which contradicted the fictim's (false victim's) claims.

"The keen observations of responding officers and the subsequent follow up investigation by detectives uncovered the deception quickly," according to the Madison Police Chief.

So, what really happened? Analive Ramirez-Arias manipulated a male teen with whom she staged the attacked on herself, got the teen to call 911 and report it as an attack by a masked man. This was just phase1 of the scheme conceivably related to a bigger plot to get a known man in trouble - possibly her ex, current partner or someone else she could be believed if she later mentioned him as the suspect. Make no mistake, this is your VAWA in action. But Analive's version was busted before it materialized. Thanks to the diligent work of the investigators.

December 13, 2019. 40-year-old Analive Ramirez-Arias was arrested and charged her with 4th degree Filing a False Police Report and 2nd degree Employing a Juvenile to Commit Terroristic Threats. She was booked in Morris County Jail pending her arraignment at the Morris County Superior Court. Watch this space

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