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Added: Dec 13, 2019  

Paradise, Butte County, California. Not all is well in Paradise, Certainly not for Loren Maisler who hoped to divert attention from his botched burglary by reporting his car as stolen. Failed!

December 13, 2019. Paradise Police Department received a call from Loren Allen Maisler who reported himself as a victim of auto-theft. Being that the described stolen vehicle had already been discovered a week earlier seemingly abandoned with burglarized items in it, The police invited Loren in for a chat.

Loren Maisler was then interviewed on his knowledge/involvement in the forceful opening of the mini-storage and the removal of items that were found in his car. That's not the type of conversation you want to have in Paradise, so, he of course initially denied having anything to do with the burglarized storage unit. However, according to Paradise Police, there was evidence pointing to Loren Maisler's involvement in the crime.

Subsequently, 36-year-old Loren Allen Maisler was arrested and booked into the Butte County Jail on charges of burglary and perjury.

Back in August 2012, Paradise Police Department had issued alert for this same Loren Maisler on charges of unlawful taking or driving a vehicle. This time, he claims to be the victim of the same type of crime. If he was really a victim, wouldn't that be great? Watch this space.

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