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Precious Kashimer Purnell

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Added: Dec 18, 2019  

Davenport, Scott County, Iowa. Precious victim OR Precious the fictimizer? In what seems to be the aftermath of a lost argument, Woman makes false sexual abuse victim of a younger girl in a quest to separate the child from the man. It worked but...

April 25, 2019. fictimizer/falarmist Precious Kashimer Purnell reported that a named man was sexually abusing a named child, QCTimes reports.

May 02, 2019. Precious filed for a Protection Order on behalf of the child and signed the form that states “I certify under penalty of perjury and pursuant to the laws of the State of Iowa that the information I have provided in this petition is true and correct.” Consequently, a temporary protective order was issued against the accused man.

May 15, 2019. Prior to the court trial of the accused man, Precious Purnell requested the protection order to be dismissed. Strange, that's where the whole thing got fishier.

October 11, 2019. Davenport Police obtained a search warrant for the social services notes on Precious Purnell, the man and the child regarding phone calls made one day prior to the sexual abuse allegations.

... the investigation revealed inconsistencies for which Precious Purnell was re-interviewed. This time, she admitted the allegations were false and the abuse never happened.

December 18, 2019. 20-year-old Precious Kashimer Purnell was arrested on a Class D Felony charge of perjury, and a misdemeanor charge of Filing a False Report to a public entity. She was booked into Scott County Jail on a $5,000 cash or surety bond.

According to a report by QCTimes, the simply misdemeanor charge carries a jail sentence of 30 days while the class D Felony Perjury charge could possibly get the fictim up to 5 years in jail. Let's see how that goes for Precious. However, Child Sexual Abuse is a very common lie women (especially in custody battles) tell to either keep fathers away from their children or get men in trouble. See some examples here. But the question no one dares to ask is: what does the child learn from all these? What do they grow up to believe? Watch this space.

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