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Updated: Feb 12, 2020  

Stafford, Stafford County, Virginia. An empowered "occultic" woman whose false child sex abuse allegations were overlooked/unpunished, becomes even more emboldened to flee with the kids. Recently, there was another fictim here under similar circumstances. These episodes demonstrate the pain and frustration of deprived fathers.

June 13, 2019. Months into a custody tug of war between herself and her estranged husband, Melody Bannister switched to Plan B - allegedly coached her kids on how to be traumatic, then took to the Stafford County police station and reported that her estranged husband and his father were pedophile child sex traffickers, and that her children were being sexually abused by their paternal grandfather.

Following the claims, Melody Bannister and her children were interviewed by Special Victims Detectives, an investigation was launched involving joint efforts by Child Protective Services and Stafford County law enforcement agencies. The accused men were interrogated by investigators but not charged with any crime, as there was no justified basis for that.

June 14, 2019. Unsatisfied with the way the investigation was going, Melody Bannister fled Southwest with all four kids aged 13, 12, 11 and 7. "Summer Vacation," she called it. However, that vacation took longer than the children's father expected, and so he did what any caring father in his shoes would/should.

July 08, 2019. After the outcome of the child sex abuse investigation determined that the allegations were "unfounded", Melody's frustrated husband had petitioned the Juvenile Domestic and Relations District Court for custody of the children. On this day, the courts subsequently granted custody to the father, but Melody Bannister refused to acknowledge the Virginia court's authority. In fact, she tried her luck elsewhere.

July 17, 2019. This is the date Melody Bannister claims she moved to Alabama with the kids, according to her blog. She secured an attorney and petitioned the courts in Alabama seeking a Protection Order and custody of the kids.

August 14, 2019. The Alabama courts heard the case and eventually also issued an order for Melody to return the kids to their father in Virginia. However, Melody Bannister also defied the authority of the court in the state of Alabama and rather disappeared with the kids. The last of her seen was reported August 20, 2019.

December 12, 2019. Investigators finally issued an alert for 34-year-old Melody Bannister because "recent developments in the investigation have led investigators to believe the children may now be in danger," said the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office Spokeswoman.

Melody Bannister is wanted for one felony charge of violation of a court order, four misdemeanor charges of abduction and one misdemeanor charge of Filing a False Police Report, according to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office. The investigators on the case believe that Melody Bannister belongs to a cult-like religious organization with clandestine values, a cause for worry. A lead investigator claims that their suspicion is supported by an earlier blog post made by Melody herself. Melody in another blog post had denied the claims. However, the more substantiated argument for why the kids may be in danger is that Melody Bannister abandoned two pets to die, as she fled. That is one indication that her means of survival was limited, let alone the means to care for the kids while on the run.

Meanwhile, in hiding, Melody Bannister continued to blog about her unfounded claims that her children's father and his father are pedophiles and child sex abusers. "evil men," she calls them, while also revealing that (by her false allegations) she had hoped the innocent men would be behind bars before she'd come home with the kids. In her blog post, she also criticizes the justice system for not blindly believing her.

February 12, 2020. Plainfield, Indiana. 34-year-old fugitive Melody Bannister of Henrico, Virginia, was found at a gas station and arrested at around 2:35 a.m, by U.S. Marshal's Office and Hendricks County Sheriff's deputies on the outstanding warrant from Stafford County, Virginia.

The four children were also found safe in Melody's car, and taken to the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS). Melody Bannister herself will be repatriated to Virginia to face the charges against her, according to police. The new fate of the four children is yet to be determined, even though custody had already been awarded to their father in both Virginia and Alabama. This is how the reward of Melody Bannister's vile decisions is more likely to encourage false accusers like herself. Just like a suicide bomber does not mind destroying everyone else at the exit of their miserable existence, the false accuser is apparently prepared to punish her kids, destroy their love for their father and traumatize them indefinitely, just to achieve a selfish goal of portraying her estranged husband as a monster.

Skeptics, rational thinkers, and everything between may wonder why Melody Bannister, as a mother, did not notice anything wrong with the way her kids were being "sexually abused" while the marriage was still good? why only during a potential divorce and custody battle? Of course, Melody Bannister already thought of that and crafted a brilliant answer on her poetic blog post titled "Listen to Your Gut; Listen to Your Children". In it, she claims : "When abusers demonstrate in graphic detail just precisely how they will murder and dismember a child’s mother if ever he breathes a word of his abuse, it has the tendency to render him mute on the subject," an expression of her horror movie fantasies.

Back in Reality, let's not forget that Melody Bannister, a so-called mother, made her case of child sex abuse not as an instinctive observer but solely from what she claims is first-hand information from her kids. What type of mother takes years to not finally notice there's something wrong but simply hear it from her kids? Ladies and Gentlemen, we're dealing with a schemer and manipulator. Fortunately, she did not successfully manipulate the justice system. Unfortunately, there are still many people out there who believe her, simply because she's a woman, and portrays herself as "a mother protecting her kids."

This particular fictim sure knows how to play every bit for all it's worth. But the case is not over yet. Watch this space

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