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Jennifer Nicole Fudge

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Added: Dec 11, 2019  

Boaz, Marshall County, Alabama. They say you can't make that shit up but oh you can. Just ask ms. Fudge who fudged a whole rape incident to destroy an innocent man's life. Fortunately for Mr. Target, this one was properly investigated.

November 2019. It all started as a peaceful month, cold and cooling, but there was someone with a heart even colder, plotting evil via the fake sexual assault industry working hand-in-hand with the #BelieveWomen / #BelievetheVictim / #StartByBelieving narrative, plus, the DOJ pumping our taxes into the latter. With every facet of the potential case on her side, dyke material Jennifer Nicole Fudge unleashed an allegation that she was raped by a known male.

Due to her graphic and cruelty-stricken description of the alleged rape incident, Boaz Police Officers classified and investigated it as "First Degree Rape" which carries a sentence of not less than 10 years in prison. Thorough investigation, however, determined that the fictim lied.

December 11, 2019. fictim Jennifer Nicole Fudge was arrested and charged with Falsely Reporting An Incident. Imagine if the investigator was not diligent in discovering the truth rather than to #StartByBelieving? How many men are still being jailed on a daily basis due to such allegations? Hold that thought!

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