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Deanna Gladys Johnson

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Added: Dec 4, 2019  

London, Laurel County, Kentucky. Fake victim of boyfriend. Drug-empowered woman with enormous physical strength wants us to believe that her boyfriend was holding her against her will. At least the Sheriff's deputies did StartByBelieving, made it all the way "to the other end of the county" just to find nothing. Remember the other chick who fabricated similar victimhood here

December 04, 2019. The Sheriff's Deputies responded to a report of a woman being locked in the bedroom and held against her will. Deanna Gladys Johnson had made that alarming call accusing her boyfriend of false imprisonment.

After the sheriff's officers made it all the way "from one end of the county to another", they rather found that Deanna Johnson, the fictim, had taken her boyfriend's medication during an argument, and was acting erratically. The deputies also discovered there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest on a different case.

December 04, 2019. 38-year-old Deanna Gladys Johnson was arrested and additionally charged with false reporting. This fictim is not new to trouble with the law. Earlier this year, in June, she was arrested for DUI, driving on a DUI suspended license, and "other violations", according to a report by WKYT.

Scanning through millions of false reports in our unpublished records, we found nothing that suggests that a man has made similar false claims that HE is being held against his will by a woman, yet this happens occasionally. Think about it. The mainstream narrative is that there's absolutely no difference between a man and a woman, not even biologically. So, how is a woman supposed to have "equal physical strength" and "equal" everything with a man, yet, at the same time be believed when she complains that she's physically subdued by a man? ridiculous.

We as a society better decide which side women are on:
1. The soft crybaby who needs more protection and therefore should be cared for as a child, and made to listen, for that to play out well. OR,
2. The strong, physically capable and independent human who cannot be taken advantage of by the opposite sex, and therefore should not be believed when she whines about being taken advantage of.

How do you choose one side of the coin without an interpretation of misogyny either way? Hold that thought

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