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Cardine Chambers

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Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Arkansas. Another shallow-minded woman of color calls the cops on boyfriend and makes a false carjacking report. Motive? possibly to have him shot dead by police. Luckily, police do a diligent job and no one was hurt. Remember the other vindictive dolt we listed here

December 17, 2019. 911 dispatcher received a call from Cardine Chambers who complained that while she was warming up her Dodge Challenger, someone jumped in and drove away. As she presented the complaint, the suspect of the auto-theft was presumed to be a stranger and the incident was presumed to be a crime.

Detectives who were conducting surveillance at an inn were informed about the suspect and the presumed stolen car. They noticed a Dodge Challenger fitting the description of the hijacked vehicle in the motel parking lot, and the suspect getting into the car and driving off. A detective tailed the car to an intersection where he attempted to stop the car when the driver made an improper turn. However, the driver continued driving slowly, presumably unaware that he had been labeled a car thief. But at some point at the next intersection, the man stopped the car and hopped out.

While police searched for the suspect, Cardine Chambers showed up in person and not only told police her car had been stolen but signed a formal stolen car report.

Based on what police already discovered and suspicions from the on-going investigation, Cardine Chambers was detained and further questioned. She later confessed that her boyfriend (the suspect) had called and informed her about the whereabouts of the vehicle.

December 17, 2019. 45-year-old Cardine Chambers of White Hall was charged with Filing a False Police Report. No official motive was provided as to why she made such an outrageous false allegation, but from past incidents, we can safely speculate she either wanted her boyfriend dead or in jail. It makes you wonder who's really responsible for sending a large number of black men to prison based on minor or false allegations. Hold that thought!

December 19, 2019. A Pine Bluff District Judge John Kearney set Cardine Chamber's bond at $5,000. PBCommercial reports that Cardine said she would afford her own lawyer. Watch this space

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